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We care about the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of those who are striving to acquire more healthy habits in these areas of their lives.
All of our products and services are made with love and careful design in order to make it easy for individuals to incorporate them into their daily regimen. We strive for long lasting effects for all of our customers and keep a healthy bond with each and every one to keep them motivated in fulfilling their wellness goals.

Meet Joy

Certified Life Coach

Joy Terrell is a multi-skilled and professionally adept entrepreneur, who has been serving the community as a certified life coach, a licensed Reiki practitioner, an accredited TFT, and EFT practitioner, and an ardent activist. A dedicated and loving mother of 2 beautiful children, Joy finds elation and contentment in helping others to find peace at heart and mind. She profoundly cares about the well-being of people around her and has a heart that desires to see others happy and accomplished. Through her amazingly effective wellness services, Joy empowers her clients to become confident and strong and gain the self-assurance that they need to achieve anything that they put their hearts into. Believing that mental and emotional wellness is a vital component of a person’s journey through life, she strives to equip her clents  with easy-to-adopt and simple self-care plans for continuous improvement. Her aim is to keep things simple and easy to make the process of habit formation attainable.