My Philosophy of Care

Wellness and Joy Matter. It is important that we condition our minds to put our wellness and happiness before everything. Strengthening and training our minds to heal our bodies is possible and it is my goal to help as many lives as I can to experience the healing through EFT tapping and wellness coaching.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit?

I welcome my clients into an experience of healing. I am here to support and guide individuals on their healing journey. Through EFT (tapping), we are capable of alleviating ourselves from pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and more by tapping on specific meridians points on the body that will remove energy blockages and allow for it to return to it's natural flow. With just one session, clients are feeling improvements and are able to use the practices on themselves and family members.

My Inspiration

I have always had a passion to help alleviate a burden or uplift a person that wasn't in a position to do so on their own. It is my life's mission to help where I am able to. My inspiration is witnessing the healing that one will receive through using the EFT practices and coaching with me. To help one person brings me such gratification that words are not able to describe.  

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